photo: Slow Cooker Chicken and Veggies

Slow Cooker Chicken and Veggies

Today on the menu is a delicious slow cooker chicken, the recipe is checked by time and always delicious. The meat thus prepared is very juicy, delicate and fragrant. First, fry all the ingredients a little in vegetable oil, and then continue to simmer the meat with vegetables until ready. During the stewing process, a lot of very tasty sauce is prepared, which is great for any side dish. Perfect for mashed potatoes, rice or couscous. If desired, chicken fillet for this recipe can be replaced with thigh meat. In winter, frozen vegetables can be used to prepare this dish.
50 min


  • Chicken fillet
    350 g
  • Zucchini
    1 pcs
  • Bell pepper
    1 pcs
  • Carrot
    1 pcs
  • Onion
    2 pcs
  • Garlic
    2 clove
  • Tomato paste
    2 tbsp
  • Vegetable oil
    50 ml
  • Italian herb
    1 tsp
  • Bay leaf
    1-2 pcs
  • Allspice peas
    3 pcs
  • Salt
    - to taste
  • Black pepper
    - to taste
  • Dill
    15 g
  • Parsley
    15 g

How to make Slow Cooker Chicken and Veggies:


  • 1. Wash chicken fillet, clean from fat and skins. Cut the meat into 1 cm thick bars.
  • 2. Let’s turn on the «Frying» mode on the slow cooker. Pour vegetable oil into the bowl of the slow cooker, add pieces of chicken fillet. Without closing the cover of the slow cooker, fry the meat until golden brown, stir it periodically with a turner.
  • 3. Meanwhile, let’s prepare the rest of the vegetables. Wash the zucchini, cut off the tails and cut the vegetables into quarter rings.
  • 4. When the chicken fillet is fried to a golden brown, add crushed zucchini to it. Stir and continue to fry the ingredients together for a few more minutes.
  • 5. Wash bell pepper, cut it into halves, remove the seed box. Cut the vegetables into large straws.
  • 6. Wash carrots, peel them and cut into quarter rings.
  • 7. A few minutes later, add crushed carrots and bell pepper to the slow cooker bowl. Mix.
  • 8. Peel onions and cut into quarter rings of medium thickness.
  • 9. Add crushed onions to the bowl to the rest of the ingredients.
  • 10. Add thick tomato paste to meat and vegetables. Thanks to it, chicken with vegetables in a slow cooker will acquire a piquant sour-sweet taste.
  • 11. Pour into the obtained mixture 200 ml of hot water or chicken broth. Add garlic cloves passed through the press, finely chopped dill and parsley, salt and seasonings to taste.
  • 12. Close the slow cooker with a cover and cook the ingredients on the «stewing» mode for 30 minutes. During this time, stewed chicken with vegetables in a slow cooker will be fully prepared and will become soft and juicy.
  • 13. Let’s serve the finished dish in hot form, decorating with a stem of fresh greenery.
  • 14. Bon Appetite!