Onion rings

Onion rings


  • 2 potatoes
  • 50g of green onion
  • 20g (1 1/2 tbsp) of butter
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 3g (1 tsp) of salt
  • 40g (1/4 cup) of flour
  • 100g (1/2 cup) of water
  • 40g (1/4 cup) of cornstarch
  • Oil for frying


1. Cut the potatoes into small squares and the green onion into small pieces.

2. Transfer the potatoes to the baking tray, cover them with cling film and prick with a skewer stick on a few places. Transfer to the microwave for 7 minutes (700w).

3. After time has elapsed remove the cling film and smash the potato well.

4. In a pan add the butter and garlic and fry. Add the flour and water and mix until all is combined. Add the previously prepared potato and mix all together. Remove from the heat and let it cool.

5. Transfer the mixture to the bowl, add the green onion, and cornstarch and mix to obtain the dough.

6. Roll out the dough for 0.5cm height and take the shape with a circular mold (6cm diameter). Remove the outer part of the dough and with the circular frame (3.5cm diameter) prick the inside of the circle. Remove the inner part to obtain the rings.

7. Fry the rings in dip hot oil and serve.

*Recipe on video and text may differ from each other!

How to cook Onion rings:

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