Soft Morning Rolls

Soft Morning Rolls

Scottish Morning Rolls/Breakfast Buns are delicious bread rolls/soft dinner rolls that are chewy with an airy crumb ,that is popular in Scotland.

This video will help you make the Best Scottish morning rolls in a simple and easy "no knead" method.

Scottish morning rolls recipe or easy breakfast buns recipe, you don't need to knead the dough and you can make this Breakfast Buns/Scottish morning rolls/ soft dinner rolls in less than 2 and half hours!

How to make Scottish morning rolls/Soft Dinner Rolls /Bread rolls?

You can make Scottish Morning Rolls /Breakfast Buns in 6 simple steps.

To make Scottish Morning rolls/Soft Dinner rolls/ Scotttish yeast rolls/bread rolls,The first step is to prepare the dough

Then proof the dough and then divide and shape the dough.

After shaping the Dinner rolls or Morning rolls or Breakfast Buns, let them sit in a warm environment to rise which is the final rising.

After final rising take the yeast rolls/dinner rolls/Breakfast Buns for baking.

Bake the Scottish morning rolls /Morton rolls at 460 F or 240 C for 12 -14 minutes.

These Scottish morning rolls /Morton rolls/Scottish Dinner rolls are soft, moist breakfast buns with a deep golden crust.

You can fill this Breakfast Buns/Scottish morning rolls/Breakfast slider buns with ham, bacon,square sausage or they are simply delicious even with some plain butter.

Hope you liked this Breakfast Buns recipe/Scottish morning rolls recipe/Breakfast slider buns recipe

Hope you make them at home and enjoy!

They are baked at a high baking temperature; and so it will take only less than 15 minutes to get them baked.This gives Scottish Morning Rolls, it’s signature deep brown crust and ultra soft and moist crumb.

*Recipe on video and text may differ from each other!

How to cook Soft Morning Rolls:

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