33 Holiday Recipes Better Than Store-Bought

33 Holiday Recipes Better Than Store-Bought

Hey there! I'm super excited to share my latest video with you. It's all about this amazing holiday course I've been working on. You won't believe the yummy things we're going to make together – 33 incredible recipes that are way better than anything you can buy! Plus, I've got easy-to-follow video lessons, handy PDF recipes, and shopping lists to make everything a breeze.

Here's a peek at the mouth-watering treats you'll learn to create:

Festive Appetizers:

  1. Crab "Firecrackers"
  2. Tuna "Snowballs"
  3. Cheese & Red Pepper Snowflake
  4. Ham & Pesto Christmas Tree

Traditional Appetizers:

  1. Mini Chicken & Mushroom Starters
  2. Cheese & Olive Biscuits
  3. Salmon & Cream Cheese Poppers
  4. Poppyseed & Sesame Twists

Main Dishes & Buns:

  1. Mini Smoked Fish Bites "Sproti"
  2. Baked Buns with Meat
  3. Ham & Cheese Soft Buns
  4. Baked Pie with Gherkins & Egg

Savory Pies & Tarts:

  1. Crunchy Smoked Salmon & Pear Pie
  2. Creamy Cabbage Pie
  3. Zucchini & Meat Pie
  4. Salmon & Spinach Tart

Sweet Breads:

  1. Cranberry & White Chocolate Buns
  2. Chocolate Piroshki with Nutella
  3. No Yeast Piroshki with Apricot Jam
  4. Latvian Gingerbread Cookie with Caramel & Cashews


  1. Ginger & Allspice Cookies
  2. Vanilla Cookies with Raspberry & Pistachio
  3. Latvian Peanut & Vanilla Shortbread Cookies
  4. Poppyseed & Chocolate Rogaliki

Traditional Sweets:

  1. Raspberry & Mango Marmelad Candy
  2. Mango & Apple Marshmallows (Zephyr)
  3. Crispy Napoleon Slices

Traditional Cakes:

  1. Latvian Hazelnut & Caramel Cake
  2. Coffee & Chocolate Layered Cake
  3. Vanilla Souffle Cake (Birds Milk Cake)
  4. Chocolate Layered Honey Cake
  5. And guess what? There are awesome bonuses too!
  6. Holiday Baking Essentials Checklist
  7. Holiday Recipe Organizer
  8. Holiday Meal Planning Template
  9. Holiday Baking Timetable

*Recipe on video and text may differ from each other!

How to cook 33 Holiday Recipes Better Than Store-Bought: