Kebab on charcoal grill

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How to cook Kebab on charcoal grill:

Kebab on charcoal grill

Kebab secrets and how to grill it on the charcoal grill. Kebab, as we’ve shared many times before, is not a skewered meatball or a burger pattie. What makes kebab a completely different dish is its distinctive texture, elasticity, and full flavor, along with the very juicy result. Kebab also does not contain any breadcrumbs. We encounter it in all Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines and depending on the dietary local habits of each country that makes it, we’ll encounter different versions of kebab recipes, some with mutton mince or mixed mutton and beef mince or even pork mince. But they also differ in the grilling way. For example, in the Middle East, the usual way of grilling kebabs is skewered in wide kebab spits, while in the Balkan area the most common way is grilling small kebabs on the grilling grate. Whichever grilling way you choose, the preparation procedure is the same! So, let’s see a kebab recipe with mixed mutton and beef minced meat.

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