photo: Hot chocolate for every morning

Hot chocolate for every morning

In general, there is absolutely no problem for me to wake up or to gather early in the morning. But there are people among my friends who barely wake up for dinner (and sometimes even later), while they manage to go to work, collect children to school and further on the list. Nobody will argue that there are such magical things that can please us and give a piece of happiness and vivacity at any time of the day. Perhaps this is a good cup of strong coffee or chocolate or cocoa with marshmallow cubes that are beautifully served to the morning table. But I'm not just telling you the recipe for such a magical cup, but I will teach you how to cook it in a few minutes every morning – that is the bonus!


  • Cream
    200 ml
  • Milk
    100 ml
  • Dark chocolate
    250-300 g
  • Mint
    5 pcs


  • 1. Read the recipe to the very end, and you will understand why we use such ingredients and exactly in this ratio. At first, you need to mix cream (33% most) and milk in the saucepan. Here you can take only cream that are slightly less fatty (instead of milk + cream), but when several ingredients are involved in the recipe – the taste usually becomes richer (each gives its own flavor and aroma).
  • 2. Now about aromatization – get a good master class on this topic. In any recipe that uses milk, cream – you can flavor them with anything. It can be a citrus zest, any spices, herbs and so on. Everything that you love and that comes to your mind. I offer mint, because I love it separately and in combination with chocolate.
  • 3. So, mix the milk and cream, add mint (or your flavor) and put it all on medium heat.
  • 4. You need to wait until the cream mixture has just begun to boil. Turn off the heat and mix well again.
  • 5. While the mixture is slightly cooling down, break the chocolate (I take dark one as it is more saturated, if you take the milk one – increase it for 10-15% of its amount) into a deep bowl in which it will be convenient to mix it all.
  • 6. Now pour the cream mixture directly onto the chocolate through the sieve (after all we have mint/zest/ spices).
  • 7. And now mix the mixture well, ideally with a silicone spatula. In the very beginning, it may seem that everything has become exfoliated, the chocolate has gone flakes and everything is spoiled. Do not panic, stir further. I will specially show you a lot of photos that were taken during the process. As a result, you will get a homogeneous chocolate mass of rich color.
  • 8. Pour the resulting mixture into a jar, and this is a real ganache, cool it down and put into the fridge. Primarily, it will be quite liquid, and in the morning it will be quite thick. It's as it should be!
  • 9. You will get a thick chocolate ganache after 2-3 hours or better on the following day. It easily stays in a closed pot for 2 weeks in the fridge. And the most pleasant thing is that it is easy to prepare the morning hot chocolate. Pour milk into a mug and heat in a microwave oven for one and a half minutes. Add the amount of ganache (2 to 4 tablespoons) and mix well.
  • 10. And that is what we got: incredibly rich hot chocolate with a stylish mint flavor which is prepared in the morning for 2,5 minutes. Despite the fact that you can heat one cup or three cups of milk at once, add ganache to each one (amount – to taste) and get an excellent morning refreshing drink. Although why only in the morning, you can take it in the evenings with a pair of biscuits and it is excellent as well! Serve it with marshmallows (marshmallows) and, for special aesthetes, with grated chocolate.
  • 11. I think this recipe should be written in your notebooks and repeated as often as possible!