photo: Summer berry cocktail with light beer

Summer berry cocktail with light beer

In the summer heat, sometimes all thoughts are only about something cool. This cocktail will regain your strength and help to deal with the heat, although it is quite easy to just brighten up the party, especially in the fresh air. I will tell you about the ingredients that I love. But here, of course, there is no limit to the imagination, replace the berries with your own – it will still be delicious. The cocktail turns out to be unusual and very refreshing. The basis is the famous and deservedly beloved Mojito. But as the basis is a light beer (such as Miller, Redds, Corona), you can use ciders, or soda (for children). Berries with beer, sounds unusual, but in fact it turns out delicious!


  • Blueberries
    6 tbsp
  • Mint
    300 g
  • Cane sugar
    4 tbsp
  • Berry syrup
    6-8 tbsp
  • Light beer
    500 ml


  • 1. At the bottom, tear the leaves of mint.
  • 2. Place any fresh berries on top. Blueberry is good here because it is rather "fleshy", it is pleasant to feel it in a cocktail, unlike soft berries, which almost do not give a texture.
  • 3. A pinch of cane sugar. It is more caramel to taste, try to take it.
  • 4. Pour 3 tbsp. of favorite berry syrup. I beg you, do not use chemical syrups, respect and value yourself, use natural products.
  • 5. Mash the resulting mixture with a fork or a mortar so that the berries burst and give the juice.
  • 6. Top with ice cubes.
  • 7. Fill the base (beer, cider, soda), close the lid and shake well.
  • 8. Decorate with mint and thick tubes. By the way, you can prepare the mixture in advance and close the jars. And add a foundation already in place. It is very convenient and saves time, let's say in nature.
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