photo: Salmon Bruschetta

Salmon Bruschetta

Bruschetta is a beautiful and easy-to-cook Italian snack. The best suitable bread for bruschetta is chiabatta, but you can also use a fresh baguette or white bread. It’s better for the recipe to fry bread on a dry frying pan or in an oven. There are many fillings for bruschetta: tomatoes, olives, ham, mushrooms, shrimps and cheese. Today on the menu is a fish bruschetta: a recipe with salmon, tomatoes and basil. Such a delicious and appetizing snack is ideal for a cup of coffee or a glass of white wine. By the way, if you like this snack, try also cooking bruschetta with salmon and watermelon radish or bruschetta with tomatoes. Detailed recipes are available on the site.
10 min


  • White bread
    3 pcs
  • Light-salted salmon
    100 g
  • Tomato
    1 pcs
  • Basil
    5 g
  • Olive oil
    25 ml
  • Salt
    - to taste
  • Black pepper
    - to taste


  • 1. Cut white bread into slices 1 cm thick. Fry them on a dry frying pan until a golden crust on both sides.
  • 2. Wash fresh tomato, cut into small cubes and transfer to a deep bowl.
  • 3. To fresh tomatoes, let’s add finely chopped leaves of green basil so that salmon bruschetta becomes more fragrant.
  • 4. Dress vegetables with olive oil and add salt and black ground pepper to taste.
  • 5. Mix the ingredients together.
  • 6. On fried slices of white bread let’s put a fragrant mixture of tomatoes and basil.
  • 7. On top of the vegetables put thin slices of light-salted salmon. Decorate the snack with leaves of fresh basil.
  • 8. So our salmon bruschetta is ready (photo attached to the recipe). Serve the snack immediately after cooking, while the bread remains crispy.

    Bon Appetite!