photo: Eggplants with Spicy Sauce

Eggplants with Spicy Sauce

Eggplants in ajika sauce are quite an interesting dish during winter time. The dish is prepared according to the same principle as traditional ajika sauce, the only difference is with the addition of eggplants. At the same time the snack obtains absolutely different taste, ajika sauce is impregnated with piquant taste of eggplants. Because of the addition of eggplants the snack is thicker and more beautiful. Adjika is a dish that has been around in for many years in Slavic community. It is spicy sauce that is added to meals for little spicy flavoring. Eggplants can be cut in absolutely different ways at will, the main thing don’t cut eggplants too small so that you can feel them clearly.


  • Eggplant
    1 kg
  • Tomato
    1 kg
  • Bell pepper
    500 g
  • Hot pepper
    1 pcs
  • Garlic
    4 clove
  • Vinegar
    50 ml
  • Vegetable oil
    50 ml
  • Salt
    1 tbsp
  • Allspice peas
    5 pcs


  • 1. Cut bell pepper into several parts and remove seed box and soft parts inside. Do the same with hot pepper.
  • 2. Peel the tomatoes from the skin. Peel garlic cloves and leave as a whole.
  • 3. Place all prepared ingredients in the blender bowl. It is better to put the ingredients in parts so that the products are blended more carefully.
  • 4. Ground the content of the blender bowl to obtain a homogeneous and thick mass.
  • 5. Cut eggplants into thin slices without peeling, it will allow marrow not to break up during stewing.
  • 6. Put the raw ajika from the blender in the pan and put it on the cooking surface.
  • 7. Bring ajika to boiling, and then put pieces of eggplant. Pour in the oil, add the seasonings and stir. Cook the mass at low heat for 35 minutes. At the end of cooking, pour in the vinegar.
  • 8. Pre-sterilize the storage jars and completely dry them. It is better to use a small container so you can eat a snack at one time. Boil the lids in the water. Shift the hot ajika sauce with eggplants into jars, eliminate air inside and close tightly with lids.
  • 9. Cool the jars with eggplant adjika sauce for the next 24 hours (you can do it under the plaid), then take it to a special place for such kind of products.

    Bon Appetite!