photo: Chicken Liver and Mushroom Julienne Tartlets

Chicken Liver and Mushroom Julienne Tartlets

I recommend preparing a delicious and nourishing hot snack in tartlets. As a filling for waffle baskets we will use julienne made of chicken liver and champignons. Stewed in sour cream liver turns out very gentle and juicy. The golden crust of melted hard cheese makes the snack even more delicious. A hot snack on this recipe will be suitable for both the everyday menu and the holiday table.
30 min
6 servings


  • Chicken liver
    300 g
  • Champignon
    150 g
  • Onion
    1 pcs
  • Cheese
    100 g
  • Sour cream
    3 tbsp
  • Tartlets
    12 pcs
  • Olive oil
    80 ml
  • Dry garlic
    0.25 tsp
  • Nutmeg
    0.25 tsp
  • Salt
    - to taste


  • 1. Peel onions and cut into small cubes. Put the ground vegetables in a deep frying pan with pre-heated olive oil. Periodically stirring, let’s brown onions on low fire until golden brown.
  • 2. Wash fresh champignons, peel and cut into small cubes. Add the ground mushrooms to the browned onions. Stir and continue to fry the ingredients together until the mushrooms are ready.
  • 3. Wash the chicken liver and dry from excess moisture. Clean by-products from skins and fat and cut into small cubes. Put the chicken liver in a separate frying pan with pre-heated vegetable oil. Stir and fry liver until ready on medium fire.
  • 4. Add fried chicken liver to onions and mushrooms.
  • 5. Add sour cream, salt and ground seasonings to the frying pan, mix. Cover the frying pan with a lid and stew the ingredients on low fire for 5 minutes.
  • 6. Let's fill the waffle tartlets with chicken liver julienne. Put the preparation on a heat-resistant form or on a baking sheet.
  • 7. Let’s ground hard cheese on a large grater. Put cheese on tartlets with filling.
  • 8. Send the tartlets with julienne to the oven pre-heated to 180 degrees. Bake them on medium level for 10-12 minutes so that the cheese on top melts and reddens.
  • 9. Serve the ready chicken liver julienne tartlets in hot form, decorated with fresh greenery.
  • 10. Bon Appetite!
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