Roti, Naan & Paratha

Roti, Naan & Paratha

Milk Roti Recipe | Dudh Roti | Milk Chapati with detailed photo and video recipe. A unique, interesting, and flavored flatbread recipe made with wheat flour and milk powder. It is a popular alternative to the simple and monotonous roti and chapati, as it is much softer and carries a slight hint of sweetness in it. It can be a perfect bread for any kind of meal and can be served with any choice of gravy or dry curries like paneer and mixed vegetables. Milk Roti Recipe | Dudh Roti | Milk Chapati with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Roti or flatbread recipes are very common and must recipes for most of meals in India. It is typically prepared using the wheat or plain flour combination which is then served with a choice of curries or sabzi. This can be monotonous and hence we may need a flavored roti and the milk roti recipe is one such flatbread with a hint of sweetness in it.

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How to cook Roti, Naan & Paratha:

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